Split Testing

"Testing two live versions of a webpage or advertisement online in real-time is the essence of split-testing"

Split-Testing is using technology to give us useful information that will help guide performance improvements of your online presence. Split-Testing is measuring the user’s engagement of your site or measuring their response rates to your ad and continually making improvements to ensure your using current insights to guide your outreach methods.

A multiple of items can be Split-Tested from colors to layouts and format to verbage and messaging. Small adaptations in any of these can make a big difference in the usage outcomes of your website or response rates of your advertising campaign.

 Split-Testing will help you understand the best way to present your valuable offers online. Spilt-Testing will verify or nullify if your assumptions are correct about your strategy when approaching a customer with your website or advertisement. Split-Testing is a high value way of market-testing your approach in order to make sure you are doing the best you can.

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