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“Brands are not logos and logos are not brands”

Brands are an accumulation of business effort, communication, product offers and over-all organizational execution. Brands are made up of parts from all facets of a business’s operations. Marketing is a very important facet for sure, however, marketing for your Brand must stay in sync and continually support the rest of the organization as it changes directions or grows into new product channels or adapts in other ways.

A Brand Assessment will identify where you are and help you understand what needs to be done in order to get where you are attempting to be with your Brand. A Brand Assessment will identify the current market factors at play and the varying things that will influence the new Strategic Approach your Brand will need to find additional success moving forward. A Brand Assessment is the first step forward towards building a confident and informed Brand Strategy & Approach that will work to strengthen and service your business interests.

Brand strategy, tactics and execution together encompass a brands’s strategic approach

Your Brand’s Strategic Approach will determine if you succeed or fail on your mission. So, it’s imperative that you get this part right for your Brand. Conducting your S.W.O.T. analysis, growing your team though organizational development, (Storming, Norming, Forming, Performing) and positioning yourself to accept as much new business as your capacity can handle is always the mission but how do you take all the valuable information you collect and apply it, so your business continues to push itself to the next plateau every year?

An informed Strategic Approach is based on the information you uncover within the Brand Assessment and throughout various information collection efforts. A mindful Strategic Approach is a custom-tailored solution that will fit the needs of your Brand exclusively. A qualified Strategic Approach will be the new driving agenda for all management and managers to push forward, seeking to execute for the Brand to constantly push the business to the next level.

A new look or a new company brand altogether

The outcome of a flexible creative process is the delivery of a superior Brand Creation. The creative process to achieve the Brand Creation takes into account all the information available while combining the best-of-the-best ideas to create a Brand Look and outline a qualified Strategic Approach that will find real results in the market place.

A well-designed Brand Creation aligns you with your position inside your industry and will help you attract new customers. A well-informed Brand Creation that is consistent with your business goals and ambitions will deliver increased activity and heightened revenue for your business. An well-rounded Brand Creation that is executed properly will help drive the intended results you’re seeking for your organization.

Taking Action – Making Moves – Following Through – Execution!

Brands that don’t execute, don’t succeed. It really is that simple. The greatest ideas are still simply ideas, without execution. Ask yourself this question: what would the world be like today if Steve Jobs was too lazy to launch and drive Apple Computers, or if Larry Page & Sergey Brin weren’t able to communicate fluently enough with each other to competently launch Google together? Where would we be if these progressive ideas weren’t championed by motivated, competent people?

Brand Execution is the sum of all the creative thoughts and tools put into action to serve the brand’s agenda. Solid Brand Execution leads all positive future results of the business. Brand Execution that is in sync with the operational agenda, in-focus with its products and offers and on-point with its delivery to customers, will find increasingly positive results.

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Social media offers a vast ability to reach targeted audiences on command.

Social Media now extends itself across many online platforms, well beyond the majors: Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter. The explosion of Social Media is a drastic novel shift in the traditional advertising landscape bringing with it many new, efficient opportunities for your Brand’s advertising to connect with its targeted audience.

Social Media platforms continue to evolve and hone their capabilities in targeting and reaching your segmented audience. Fluid and flexible Social Media is an appropriate, modern method to promote your Brand. You can use Social Media for your campaigns while maintaining the ability to quickly change course in real-time if you see a sluggish performance of your message or the need to adapt your graphics or audience segment for increasing the real-time results of any outreach effort.

By properly using these tools as part of your new marketing mix you are accurately able to target and measure the effectiveness of every ad dollar being spent while witnessing real gains for your Brand in real-time.

Advertising on the web has quickly taken the place of the newspaper and many other print and traditional methods.

The “ADS” of today are graphic or graphic-message ads strategically placed online across various websites in the form of rectangle banner or square banner advertisements, or strategically placed within paid search results as “Paid” or “Sponsored” results . These ads can be placed with Google, Google affiliated websites, other search engines, as well across multiple social media platforms on the Internet. Today’s advertising online is vastly superior to older traditional methods in targeting your audience.

Online Advertising is a key marketing tool for your promotional mix. If your goal is increased eye-balls to your message and greater volumes of traffic to your website then Online Advertising is going to be a factor in your market effort going forward. Online Advertising done correctly has a limitless opportunity to bring you new positive results for your Brand. Online Advertising is specific, segmented and measurable, it is agile and operable in real-time for your assertive management of your best results from your advertising campaign.

Search engines have changed how people live, learn and behave. Search has changed the game.

Search emerged to help us find information and now is a dominant player in the advertising game. This benefits your Brand when you know how to use Search to your advantage. There are organic ways to use search as well as Paid ways to use Search functions online to help your Brand grow in exposure and revenue. Search is today’s directory and so playing both the organic placement as well as Paid placement game will ensure your Brand covers the most Search ground possible.

Search will support your Brand’s growth. Search programming executed correctly will drive new exposure and increase your advertising effect on your market audience. Strong Search programming will ensure your Brand is found even through the growing noise of the common Search market place.

Email marketing is proven efficient, measurable and valuable.

Email is a highly effective way to send your important message to your customers. It is secure and sure for delivery. More often than not your customers want to hear from you by email. Use this theory to your Brand’s advantage.

Hone your Email Marketing efforts. Make valiant strides to test, retest and split-test your Email Marketing with customers. Ask them what’s most important to hear about; and how often you should contact them? Segment your email lists based on this information to ensure you are always getting better.

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Architects draw plans to build buildings, we draw plans to build brands.

Planning is key. Plans are the essential action to achieve any creative goal. Project Planning work starts as a discussion of the big picture objectives with your team and ultimately drills down on the most minute details before proceeding. All projects need to have custom-tailored but adaptable plans to meet the needs of the Brand objectives.

Project Planning is the decisive action towards building your creative project. It is going to identify all the various details of the proposed creative construction work to be undertaken and will enable competent resources to confidently build your marketing project with you.

What are we supposed to say? How are we supposed to sound?

Ever sit in front of a blank piece of paper for what seems like an eternity, trying to figure out what you ought to be saying on behalf of your business? This is typical and you are not alone in this struggle. Great news! Site Copywriting is in our wheel-house. To your advantage we can support your need to put the right words together for the proper expression of your Brand to its audience.

Site Copywriting will deliver your business messaging concisely. Site Copywriting will convey your message with an acute clarity, ensuring the reader of your message receives it. Site Copywriting is in-tune with your audience, in-focus with your message, delivering understanding for your Brand.

Blueprints are the road map to build the building, blueprints are the road map to build the website.

A type of Project Planning we refer to as Website Mapping is organizing all the information and functional needs of your website in order to build with (the least amount of “change-orders”) as little complication as possible. The Website Mapping process is identifying the various and variable details that will be needed and included online within your site. Outlining the sections of the real requirements needed is the objective of the Website Mapping process.

Website Mapping will empower the delivery of the web-work online. Website Mapping is the Project Planning that drives the ultimate outcome of your new online presence. Website Mapping will help you put the full project in perspective ahead of building, so that you know if all the details align with the organization’s objectives for the website.

Copy, drag & drop, unfortunately, is not the name of this game.

Website Design & Development is a shrewd and practiced skill that does take significant analytic skills to accomplish. The television commercials that project this vocation, as something anyone can do, are not really reflecting the actual level of ability required to fully accomplish this task well. In order to do this well, a Brand must plan, map and build with a qualified website designer; who in many cases will need the help of a qualified website developer in order to fully accomplish functional parts of the website that may be required.

Website Design & Development is a construction process to build Brand objectives online. Website Design & Development empowers your Brand with new capacity and reach you can’t achieve if you’re not online. Website Design & Development, when done correctly to suit your objectives, will provide your Brand with exponential business benefits.

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Testing two live versions of a webpage or advertisement online in real-time is the essence of split-testing

Split-Testing is using technology to give us useful information that will help guide performance improvements of your online presence. Split-Testing is measuring the user’s engagement of your site or measuring their response rates to your ad and continually making improvements to ensure your using current insights to guide your outreach methods.

A multiple of items can be Split-Tested from colors to layouts and format to verbage and messaging. Small adaptations in any of these can make a big difference in the usage outcomes of your website or response rates of your advertising campaign.

Split-Testing will help you understand the best way to present your valuable offers online. Spilt-Testing will verify or nullify if your assumptions are correct about your strategy when approaching a customer with your website or advertisement. Split-Testing is a high value way of market-testing your approach in order to make sure you are doing the best you can.

A well-built content management system can help you work more efficiently, streamline your workflow and optimize your pages for search results.

Content Management is bringing together the information with the presentation of your website for your user’s best experience online with your brand. Websites with content management systems enable you to make functional updates to your website with relative ease and efficiency. This can potentially be an internal task for your webmaster into the future or this could be an easy task for you to manage yourself with some novice software training which can be provided.

Content Management services also reach into other areas of your marketing including: websites, shopping cart product updates, social media profiles online and blogs or YouTube channels as well these days.

Content is king and remains the most important ingredient in your marketing mix. You must have high value content for your customers and users in order to increase your business results and increase your sales volumes. Keeping your content current and fresh online and on other social platforms is always a wise investment in your brand. High value brand content will satisfy your existing clients while working for you 24/7 to earn you new ones.

Analytics assessment is using information gathered from your website analytics data to drive new gains for your brand.

Analytics Assessments will provide your Brand with accurate insights about the current use of your website, they will help you understand where you customers are coming from, or help you identify if any of your Brand outreach programming is proving effective in driving new traffic to your website.

“Without the proper use of analytics data, a brand is guiding itself based on best case assumptions and not real authentic information.”

Analytics Assessments will help you understand where improvements can be made to increase your results online. Analytics Assessments will deliver sound insights that a Brand can build an informed approach to market with. Analytics Assessments will ensure that the assumptions made are verified before implementation to save you time and money.

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